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Hamburg explores the mobility of the future

A test track several kilometers long for automated and connected driving is being built in the city of Hamburg. The Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg is upgrading traffic light systems for the infrastructure-to-vehicle (I2V) and vehicle-to-infrastructure communication (V2I). Vehicle manufacturers, technology companies and research institutions will be able to test innovative mobility services, such as automated driving functions or safety assistance systems, in real traffic on public roads. The development and operation of the test track is supported by the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI). 




traffic lights...

...will be equipped with communication systems by 2020 to exchange data with passing vehicles.


traffic situations...

...mark the circuit and enable the testing of ITS services and automated driving functions in the real urban traffic environment.



...based on the WLAN 802.11p standard is used for wireless communication between vehicles and the traffic infrastructure.



...messages provide road users with information about the traffic light image of the traffic lights and the existing road topology.

GeoNetBake: Digital illustration of road works on the TAVF test track

The GeoNetBake project aims to use sensor-supported roadworks lights to record live information, such as the actual location and area of roadworks, and to display this information as an area on digital maps. The newly acquired information allows traffic in and around Hamburg to be controlled more efficiently. In future, navigation services, for example, will be able to call up the georeferenced data obtained via the central data hub Urban Data Platform Hamburg and make it available to road users. 


In addition to navigation services, autonomously driving vehicles can also benefit from the real-time data of the GeoNetBake. As part of a cooperation between the TAVF test track and the GeoNetBake project, the sensor-based lights will be used…

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The test track is available to vehicle manufacturers, technology companies and research institutions as an open platform for testing innovative mobility services. Interested parties can apply to the TAVF coordination centre for use.


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The TAVF coordination centre will answer any questions you may have about the test track and the terms of use.

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