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Below you will find more detailed insights into the Test track for Automated and Connected Driving in Hamburg. In our media library you will find an overview of the documents. Further files will follow step by step.


The TAVF coordination centre will answer any questions you may have about the test track or the files provided. Please please contact the TAVF office by e-mail.



Route of the test track

In total, more than 50 traffic lights as well as the Mahatma Gandhi Bridge are equipped with communication units (ITS-G5) and a corresponding digital information provision. This forms the basis for implementing various C-ITS services for the road users there. These include a traffic light phase assistant (GLOSA = Green Light Optimised Speed Advisory), the protection of vulnerable road users (VRU = Vulnerable Road User Protection), road works warning (RWW = Road Works Warning), traffic sign information (IVI/IVS = In-Vehicle Signage) and probe vehicle data (PVD = Probe Vehicle Data). A continuous expansion of the test track as well as the transfer, harmonisation and roll-out of successfully tested C-ITS services to other urban areas is planned to take place by the end of 2023.


Test track map


TAVF facts


PCAP files for the nodes 537, 193, 279, 1923 of the TAVF test track are provided for download below:




PCAP file for the VRU protection service at the unsignalled node 2572 (Großer Grasbrook/Am Kaiserkai); two roadside units send out CPMs.



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