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MODI carried out important reference drive for highly automated freight transport on TAVF

The MODI project recently reached an important milestone for the future automation of truck traffic: The consortium of the European H2020 project carried out a reference drive on the test track for automated and connected driving with a series truck equipped with high-precision measuring devices. For the first time, the measurements evaluated the vehicle's performance under real conditions and in combination with upgraded infrastructure that supports highly automated driving.


In the MODI project, a consortium of 29 partners from science and industry is developing and testing solutions for autonomous truck traffic. The Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg is part of the project as a living lab. The test track is located between the highway…

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3DHD CityScenes: Development kit available

In Hamburg and on the test track for automated and connected driving, data sets on Hamburg city centre have been recorded with special measuring vehicles since 2017 as part of a multi-year project by VW Group Research. The European funding project Hi-Drive, which started in July 2021, has developed high-precision 3D HD maps, known as 3DHD CityScenes, from the data sets and made them available to external users:


The CityScenes are the most comprehensive HD map set in terms of the number and variety of map elements, which is also fully implemented in 3D with almost perfect alignment of sensor and map data. A development kit is now available for the full utilisation of the data sets:…

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NextPerception funding project ended with two final events

The three-year funding project NextPerception has recently come to an end with two final events. In this project, consider it worked together with 42 partners from seven countries. In the mobility use cases, intelligent sensor systems were developed and tested. For this, the TAVF intersection in Hamburg provided important insights into system reliability in dynamic daily situations. The systems tested in Hamburg were presented in Eindhoven in May with a mobile demonstrator. Here, all partners introduced their technical results, and consider it brought a mobile version of their V2X communication from Hamburg and presented it there.


At the second event in Turin, the commercial uses of this research were introduced. In funding projects, the…

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KoTAM Workshop „Safety and Security in the context of C-ITS services”

The Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg's Department of Transport and Mobility Transition invites to the workshop "Safety and security in the context of C-ITS services" on November 30, 2023, 1 to 4 p.m. The workshop is part of the event-series of KoTAM, a project addressing the coordination of autonomous mobility test beds across the German federal states.

Which safety and security measures should test beds already take during the testing of C-ITS services? Join the discussion, get answers and benefit from experiences from Hamburg on the topics of Public Key Infrastructure, functionally secure C-ITS message delivery as well as Protection Profiles for Roadside and On-Board Units.


Registration for the workshop can be made at

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Extensive measurement drives for the EDDY project

From July 24 to 28, 2023, the teams from DLR and HAW Hamburg conducted extensive measurement runs on the TAVF and the HEAT track in Hamburg.  

The aim of the investigation was to obtain reference measurements for LIDAR and camera-based localisation for the EDDY project. Furthermore, input data for the detection and localisation of objects, e.g. construction site beacons, were collected and the prototype for an air quality measurement system was tested.

Further information on EDDY:

Source of the picture: DLR/EDDY

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High-precision data sets on Hamburg's inner city are provided as part of the European funding project Hi-Drive

Already in 2017, a high amount of data sets were recorded with special measurement vehicles from AllTerra, annotated by DataDEV (Serbia), for a multi-year project of VW Group research on automated driving in Hamburg. The goal was automated driving on the TAVF test track around the Hamburg exhibition grounds. High-precision 3D-HD maps (3DHD CityScenes) were created from the data sets as part of the European Hi-Drive funding project. Point clouds were recorded from which data were extracted. The HD map covers 127 km of road sections in Hamburg's city centre, including 467 km of individual lanes. The point clouds and the extracted data were published by Hi-Drive in November 2022. This makes the so-called 3DHD CityScenes the most comprehensive…

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CELESTE - Final Demonstration

In the CELESTE project, a system was developed with the participation of the Agency for Roads, Bridges and Waters Hamburg (LSBG) that outputs dynamic speed limits based on variable input conditions. In Hamburg, exemplary data sets from the Urban Data Platform were integrated, from which five application examples were developed, in which a reduction in speed increases general safety and reduces environmental impacts:


  • Traffic density
  • Bicycle volume
  • Construction sites (GeoNetBake)
  • Major events
  • School entrances during operating hours

On Thursday, 10.11.22 between 14:00 and 16:00 the project results will be presented at the Plaza of the Emporio Hotel on Caffamacherreihe. Interested citizens are invited to visit the LSBG stand.



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Hamburg research project EDDY: Online survey on potential deployment scenarios in an Urban Dynamic Map launched

At the end of last year, the three-year mFUND research and development project European Digital Dynamic Mapping (EDDY) started. EDDY provides the basis for cities, municipalities and local authorities to maintain data sovereignty and to make the data themselves available in an Urban Dynamic Map in a public benefit-oriented manner. In order to identify potential use cases and requirements for an Urban Dynamic Map (map with static and dynamic object information from the road traffic area), an online questionnaire was created. Interested parties who see possible linkages here can participate under the following link. 


To the online survey



Here you can find out more about the EDDY project.

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Extension of the TAVF towards the Port of Hamburg

For ports as a major goods hub for Germany as an export nation, intact and efficient transport infrastructures are essential. This applies in particular to the road network, which has to serve an ever-increasing demand. Construction measures have only a limited possibility to increase the capacity of roads, as they are usually time-consuming and an expansion of traffic areas is often in conflict with other land uses. In contrast, digitalisation focuses on operational and organisational measures to improve the flow of traffic on roads.


As part of a cooperation between the Hamburg test track for automated and connected driving (TAVF) and the Hamburg Port Authority (HPA), the inner-city TAVF test track is being extended towards the Port of…

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Copyright: Hamburg Port Authority / Andreas Schmidt-Wiethoff
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Traffic Light Forecast 2.0 (TLF 2.0) - First beta data now available

The first beta data from the Hamburg project Traffic Light Forecast 2.0 (TLF 2.0) is now available online. This allows users to gain initial experience with the Hamburg traffic light data. It should be noted that the data is in beta status and therefore no failure-free availability can be guaranteed. The corresponding Metaver entry for Traffic Lights Hamburg (beta) can be found here.


The TLF 2.0 project builds on the successfully completed pilot project Traffic Light Forecast. The aim of this project is to develop and implement an interface for the non-discriminatory provision of traffic light data via the Urban Data Platform Hamburg (HH_UDP). With this approach, market entry barriers are kept as low as possible and the development of…

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