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The cities association OCA e.V. (Open Traffic Systems City Association) invites you to the public final event of the DiMAP project on 9 February

The mFUND project "DiMAP" started on 01.01.2021 with a duration of 12 months and was dedicated to the digitalisation of intersection topologies and geometries for the regular operation of cooperative transport systems.


Today, mobility takes place on a patchwork of isolated subsystems of different interest groups. Moreover, the digitisation of urban intersection information (MAP data) for cooperative transport applications is mostly solved in a manufacturer-specific way. However, MAP data are the basis for innovative mobility solutions. Since cooperative traffic applications and advanced technologies such as autonomous or largely automated driving require a solid database, the overarching goal of DiMAP is to harmonise the content of digital intersection topologies and their creation. Thus, the focus was on a Germany-wide, harmonised specification of MAP data based on applicable regulations, standards and norms, taking into account municipal requirements, as well as a description of the processes for collecting, processing and maintaining the data. In order to permanently improve data quality, the development of a concept for a clearing house was also part of the project.


At the final event, the project results will be presented to the interested expert audience, the funding bodies and the other members of the OCA. Take advantage of the opportunity to register free of charge today. You will then receive programme updates and the dial-in data for the conference system in good time.

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