Hamburg Schiffsbug

3DHD CityScenes: Development kit available

In Hamburg and on the test track for automated and connected driving, data sets on Hamburg city centre have been recorded with special measuring vehicles since 2017 as part of a multi-year project by VW Group Research. The European funding project Hi-Drive, which started in July 2021, has developed high-precision 3D HD maps, known as 3DHD CityScenes, from the data sets and made them available to external users:


The CityScenes are the most comprehensive HD map set in terms of the number and variety of map elements, which is also fully implemented in 3D with almost perfect alignment of sensor and map data. A development kit is now available for the full utilisation of the data sets:


With its help, the data set can be read in, processed for deep learning purposes and visualised. The DevKit also contains the code for training, inference and evaluation of neural networks for 3D object detection and deviation detection in HD maps.


Image source: LGV Hamburg based on the Hi-Drive vector data

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