Hamburg Schiffsbug

High-precision data sets on Hamburg's inner city are provided as part of the European funding project Hi-Drive

Already in 2017, a high amount of data sets were recorded with special measurement vehicles from AllTerra, annotated by DataDEV (Serbia), for a multi-year project of VW Group research on automated driving in Hamburg. The goal was automated driving on the TAVF test track around the Hamburg exhibition grounds. High-precision 3D-HD maps (3DHD CityScenes) were created from the data sets as part of the European Hi-Drive funding project. Point clouds were recorded from which data were extracted. The HD map covers 127 km of road sections in Hamburg's city centre, including 467 km of individual lanes. The point clouds and the extracted data were published by Hi-Drive in November 2022. This makes the so-called 3DHD CityScenes the most comprehensive high-resolution HD map set in terms of the number and variety of map elements. It is also fully annotated in 3D with near perfect alignment of sensor and map data.


The 3DHD CityScenes data is available to external parties and can be downloaded from the Hi-Drive website via the following link: 


More information about the Hi-Drive project:


More information about the HD maps:





Copyright graphic: LGV Hambug on basis of HI-Drive data set

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