Hamburg Schiffsbug

Impression of the test track with a view of HAW Hamburg's activities

The HAW Hamburg has developed sensors and methods as part of its test activities as a user of the test track in order to identify the position of vehicles when the reception of navigation satellites is disturbed or unavailable. In the process, different, novel sensors and cameras were combined with high-precision environment models and simulations for the geolocated, time- and weather-independent determination of signals relevant for autonomous driving. For its activities, HAW Hamburg used all sections of the TAVF test track from 2019 to 2020, focusing on complex sections with limited availability of e.g. GPS/Galileo. The findings of HAW Hamburg and the driving on the entire TAVF test track are presented in the Youtube video of HAW Hamburg. The entire route and the technical equipment of the test track are shown in the map.


Youtube Video of HAW Hamburg                              Download PDF Map


Image rights: HAW Hamburg 




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