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Hamburg C-ITS stations in the European TENtec interactive Map

Cooperative C-ITS services are available and operational on European roads via ITS-G5 short-range communication. The location of operational C-ITS stations in Europe is available in the European Commission's interactive map. The map shows all existing and operational C-ITS stations that have already been installed in the field and are compliant with the C-Roads specifications. In detail, the map provides information on the status, road name, road operator and C-ITS services coverage. The data in the map is updated on a frequent basis and made available online. This is an important milestone for improving public awareness and visibility of C-ITS services in Europe. The large number of operational road stations and their wide distribution is further evidence of the success of the harmonised approach taken by the C-Roads platform (More on the C-Roads platform) as a large-scale European funding project and all its pilot sites. Among others, Germany with several participating cities, including Hamburg, is one of the pilot locations (More about C-Roads Germany - Pilot Hamburg).


Thereby, the Hamburg test track (TAVF) is available for the realisation of various cooperative ITS services (C-ITS services) within the framework of C-Roads Germany - Urban Nodes. Overall, a variety of interesting and challenging traffic situations will be offered. The C-ITS pilot project in Hamburg includes various C-ITS services that make Hamburg's roads safer, more efficient and more environmentally friendly. The C-ITS services provided by the pilot project and available in the interactive TENtec map of the European Commission are based on the following C-ITS applications. The Green Light Optimal Speed Advisory (GLOSA) service uses forecasts to enable more efficient, comfortable and safe driving and can be implemented via assistance systems as well as in automated driving vehicles. The Hanseatic City of Hamburg hopes that this will significantly reduce emissions in the long term. Other services include public transport prioritisation at traffic lights (TSP) and the use of Probe Vehicle Data (PVD). This uses vehicle data to gain insights into the traffic situation and thus provide valuable information for traffic planning and control. The services will initially be used on the test track for automated and connected driving in Hamburg and will then be continuously expanded to other areas of the city of Hamburg.


Image rights: European Commission - DG MOVE - 2018


More information about the interactive TENtec map:  TENtec interactive map viewer (Layers --> C-ITS stations)


Press Release of the C-Roads Platform:  C-Roads Platform


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