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ITS research project on dynamic map data has started and will also be tested at TAVF

In November, EDDY (European Digital Dynamic Mapping), a three-year research and development project led by the Authority for Transport and Mobility Transition (BVM), started. Together with six partners from research and SMEs as well as other major European cities, EDDY is developing standards for openly accessible high-resolution dynamic map data. Up to now, such maps have been the property of large navigation providers. With EDDY, the basics are now being provided so that cities, municipalities and local authorities can also make the data themselves publicly available in an Urban Dynamic Map in a public interest-oriented manner.


High-resolution, dynamic maps are needed for the guidance of urban traffic, for example in route finding, especially on routes with road works. The goal is to reduce emissions, protect vulnerable road users and enable higher levels of automated driving. The project partners can use specially equipped vehicles to test the use cases on the  Test Track for Automated and Connected Driving (TAVF) in Hamburg.


During the project, static (traffic signs, road works, etc.) and dynamic map data (weather, traffic situation, etc.) are processed and made available via the Urban Data Platform on the Internet and via the infrastructure using WLAN-based ITS-G5 communication. The cooperation with other major European cities ensures the use of defined standards and the compatibility of the results. The collected static and dynamic data as well as technical and legal specifications will be made available to actors from research, industry and public administration in an Urban Dynamic Map.


EDDY is funded by the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure in Germany with 2,5 EUR as part of the mFUND innovation initiative.


More information can be found in the BVM press release of 8.12.2021 here.

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