Hamburg Schiffsbug

New users for TAVF!

The Hamburg University of Applied Sciences (HAW Hamburg) and NXP join the test track for automated and networked driving in Hamburg as new users. In the future, there will be various collaborations with the Urban Mobility Lab of HAW Hamburg, which will carry out research on the communication infrastructure during construction and operation. Among other things, the Urban Mobility Lab is working on the development of methods and sensors to determine the position of vehicles if there is a disturbance in the reception of navigation satellites or if it is not available. 
In addition, the Dutch semiconductor manufacturer NXP will test applications on the test track over the next few months. To this end, the so-called "PedelACC" will be used to make smaller electric vehicles safer by integrating them into the existing security and communication infrastructure (I2V/V2I) and thus better integrating them into the future traffic of modern cities.

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