Hamburg Schiffsbug

New users on the TAVF: T-Systems and BMW Group carry out test activities as part of the National Platform Mobility RealLabHH

The TAVF test track for automated and connected driving in Hamburg welcomes T-Systems and the BMW Group as new users. Both users are active in subgroup seven "Connected Vulnerable Roads Users" as part of the national platform Mobility in the Reallabor Hamburg. The TAVF test track for automated and connected driving is part of the Reallabor for testing various use cases. Both T-Systems and the BMW Group are testing various selected elements of the TAVF road infrastructure. T-Systems is developing the GLOSA (Green Light Optimum Speed Advice) service with the aim of providing car, bicycle and e-scooter drivers with a "traffic light assistant". For this purpose, the data of the traffic lights are used by the TAVF. The messages are sent to Deutsche Telekom's 5G MobiledgeX server via an internet connection. Users receive the messages via their smartphone or directly on the display of the vehicle manufacturer or BMW Group. The basis is the transmission of the ISO standardised SPAT (Signal Phase and Time) and MAP (Topology Information of the intersection) messages. Via the GLOSA app, the user receives real-time information (Time to Green) about the traffic light phases and a speed recommendation.


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