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Volkswagen takes positive balance after six months at TAVF

For the last six months, the Volkswagen Group has been testing automated driving at the TAVF in Hamburg with five E-Golfs equipped with more than 30 laser scanners, cameras and radars.


On 6th November Volkswagen presented a positive balance on the test track. Due to the complexity of the test track in the city of Hamburg, Volkswagens has been able to receive valuable information since the early part of the year, for example about significant speeding violations by car drivers, pedestrians walking over red traffic lights or cyclists on their way beyond the designated routes. VW project manager Helge Neuner told NDR that the research team has already learned a lot from this. VW Vice Director for Autonomous Driving Alexander Hitzinger emphasized that the specially equipped electric golf cars used in Hamburg are already capable of predicting traffic events for around ten seconds. Nevertheless, fully autonomous driving on a grand scale is a great challenge.


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Image from the press release of Lübecker Nachrichten - Lübecker General-Anzeiger, 07.11.2019:

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