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35 experts discussed the data model of the TLF-specific interface

At a webinar on April 9, the current status and the planned interface for data provision in the Traffic Light Forecast (TLF) 2.0 project were presented. The TLF 2.0 project builds on the successfully completed pilot project Traffic Light Forecast. The aim of this project is to develop and implement an interface for the non-discriminatory provision of traffic light data via the Urban Data Platform Hamburg (HH_UDP). The platform should be usable for innovative applications of different providers of forecasting services. The required LSA data will be made available on the HH_UDP via a standardised interface, the SensorThings API. Examples of potential C-ITS applications for motorised and non-motorised traffic are TTG (Time-To-Green) or GLOSA (Green Light Optimal Speed Advisory). Assistance systems for blind and visually impaired people and improved routing are also possible.


During the webinar the data model of the TLF-specific SensorThings API was presented to the participants. Furthermore, the implementation of this was shown with a simulated showcase for a real node. Questions raised by the participants focused, among other things, on the different types of data that are provided. 


An important project milestone was reached in April with the publication of the TLF server tender. If you are interested in the webinar documents or have further questions, please contact this mailbox.


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