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C-Roads Workshop on the Probe Vehicle Data Service

As operators of the Test Field for Automated and Connected Driving in Hamburg (TAVF-HH), the Agency for Roads, Bridges and Waterways (Landesbetrieb Straßen, Brücken und Gewässer) and the Federal Highway Research Institute (Bundesanstalt für Straßenwesen, BASt) held an online workshop on the topic of Probe Vehicle Data (PVD). The cities participating in the C-Roads Germany Urban Nodes (CRG-UN) project regularly exchange information on connected driving topics in a series of events. The participating cities are currently working on ways to use the status information that connected vehicles send for better traffic control. In the test field in Hamburg, it is to be investigated in particular whether the data can be a supplement to the existing traffic counting. However, the service also makes it possible to provide the control of traffic lights with further information to enable improved traffic flow. Especially as the cities are currently working on different focal points for the PVD service, this exchange is particularly beneficial for all parties involved. Currently, all represented pilots use data from test vehicles. Before the data of all connected vehicles can also be used outside of test applications, an amendment to the Road Traffic Act is necessary. The BASt is accompanying this procedure and reported on the current status of the corresponding legislative process. All participants agree that compliance with further data protection regulations is of particular importance and want to work together in the C-Roads community to promote the harmonisation of PVD at the European level.  The test site does not need to be equipped with any additional hardware for this service; the messages are processed via the Roadside ITS Stations (R-ITS-S) already used for other services, such as the GLOSA service (Green Light Optimal Speed Advisory).


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