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MAP Layering successfully implemented and tested on the TAVF

In the City of Hamburg, things continue to progress in terms of ITS and the expansion of the TAVF test track can also report further successes. For more than two years, the test track has been continuously operated as a free, open and manufacturer-independent platform. In the process, the technical upgrade is constantly being further developed. Among other things, the MAP layering at the Ludwig-Erhard-Straße/Holstenwall junction (junction 193) was implemented on a pilot basis at the end of 2020. Here, the MAP is divided into several components and sent to passing vehicles. This division is necessary in order to be able to map all driving relationships of the various road users, even at complex intersections. The test experiences with the MAP layering were evaluated positively by the TAVF users, so that the MAPs of the previous traffic light systems will successively be updated and future traffic light systems will be implemented with the MAP layering. 


Current status of the test track


Currently, 41 traffic light installations are equipped with communication units (ITS-G5), which enable communication based on the latest security standard PKI v1.3.1 (PKI = Public Key Infrastructure) for infrastructure-to-vehicle (I2V) and vehicle-to-infrastructure communication (V2I). An essential part of the upgrade is the local and digital provision of information on the traffic signal pattern (SPaT) and the existing road topology (MAP). At more than half of the traffic signal installations, the SPaT will be enriched with a local forecast so that the cooperative ITS service GLOSA can be tested and implemented by the users. Furthermore, other ITS services such as the protection of vulnerable road users (VRU), the provision of traffic sign information (IVI) or traffic data collection (PVD) are in preparation. A continuous expansion of the test track as well as the transfer of successfully tested C-ITS services to other urban areas is planned until the end of 2024.


Map of the test track



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