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New user on the test track: VITRONIC has successfully installed hardware on the TAVF

VITRONIC Dr.-Ing. Stein Bildverarbeitungssysteme GmbH has successfully installed hardware at the Hamburg test track TAVF. The purpose of this test installation is to contribute to optimising traffic flow and increasing road safety for particularly vulnerable road users (including pedestrians and cyclists) at the K94 junction.


A video camera in a suitable housing was installed on an existing light mast in Schröderstiftstraße to record the flowing traffic from Schröderstiftstraße in the direction of the K94 junction (Rentzelstraße / Schröderstiftstraße / An der Verbindungsbahn). The light mast is located approx. 180m from the K94 junction. A second camera was integrated into a column installed directly at the K94 junction. Both cameras record the traffic approaching the K94 junction from the direction of Schröderstiftstraße. The real-time data collected in this way is continuously available for further processing of existing light-signal system control procedures at the K94 junction to reduce waiting and travel times for road users.


Furthermore, VITRONIC Dr.-Ing. Stein Bildverarbeitungssysteme GmbH has successfully installed two additional sensors as well as a 3D radar in the area of the K94 junction to increase the road safety of particularly vulnerable road users. An RSU (Road Side Unit) was also integrated into the column for sending CPMs (Collective Perception Messages).As a corresponding receiving unit, an OBU (On Board Unit) was mounted in VITRONIC's floor control cabinet installed at node K94.  In this constellation, the communication between RSU and OBU will first be tested and optimised. For the next step, it is planned to send CPM messages to vehicles already equipped with OBU via V2X communication.The content of the CPM messages sent to the vehicles consists of alerting them to potentially hazardous situations detected by the sensor system described above in order to increase the safety of pedestrians, cyclists, etc.


The optimisation of the procedures implemented on the test track for node K94 as well as the validation of the data is ongoing. The presentation of the results is planned for the ITS World Congress.


TAVF test track  


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